Where is Multimarine located?

1111 Frankfurst Ave; Next to the 895 toll plaza

What are shop supplies?

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Does Multimarine do contract work?

Of course, Multimarine provides preventive maintenance contracts, service contracts, or a combination. Multimarine will work with your company to tailor a contract to your needs. We also provide contractual cold storage rentals.

What an EPA charge?

 An EPA charge is applied when chemicals are being disposed or recovered from a refrigerated unit. We take care to remove and discard these fluids properly. Including but not limited to: oil disposal, coolant disposal, refrigerant recovery, refrigerant oil disposal, drier disposal, oil pad disposal, stay dry disposal, etc.

What about a warranty? 

Multimarine honors the Carrier Factory Warranty on Carrier made parts and units. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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